Child of the Street

Chain reformed to record this LP, the last to feature Barry Sullivan. A truly substantial piece of Ozblues history.

Recorded: 1985

Band Members: Matt Taylor (Vocals/Harmonica), Phil Manning (Lead Guitar), Barry 'Little Goose' Harvey (Drums), Barry 'Big Goose' Sullivan (Bass).

Label: Forever Records, Tamborine Music


1. Child of the Street
2. Missile
3. Messages
4. I Don't Want to Be Like Anyone Else
5. (Doin) The Highway '31' Shuffle
6. More Than a Man Can Stand
7. The Ginza
8. Outrage
9. A Tribute to Muddy Waters
10. The Night

Matt Taylor on Chain

We still needed new songs and everything so Phil would say, “Look, I’ve got a riff”. I’d say, “What key’s it in?” He says, “I think it’s in D”. I said, “Look just do it third song”. So we'd go on-stage and do something we've never heard before in our lives. That’s how confident we were and how good we were. No mucking around with that band.

I figured out what the essence of the blues was very early on and realised that the blues is just a blueprint for you expressing your emotions and the way you see things… And I think people are still into the mythology of blues but not into what it actually is - expressing who you are.

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